The Tokyo Subway Story

It was 8:32 am, just on time. The silver subway packed with numbers of people arrived at the station with the aggressive loud sound. As soon as the doors were opened, tons of people went out and came in. It was the usual chaos and the flooding of ants.

The fact that this was the busiest moment excused their rudeness and violence. The well-known Japanese politeness was no longer there. It was like some kind of war. I became the ant and joined the war, and I stepped into the subway. Yes baby, it was my showtime.

As soon as I got on the subway, I kept on moving my eyes. I was starving for this. Then, the word echoed in my head, “backpack”. In a few seconds, I found the backpack. You became my today’s target.

It was neither you nor your suit nor your tie that was wrong. The whole fault was your huge black backpack that was accidentally in my sight. I could not resist. I slowly walked within the crowd and stood right behind you. As you seemed busy reading the newspapers, I soundlessly unzipped your backpack and put my right hand inside. The familiar touch of the leather immediately satisfied my right hand. No hesitation necessary. Within a second, I took it out and it became totally mine, no longer yours.

As soon as the subway reached the next station and the doors were open, I got out with the other bunch of ants. I could not help smiling at the Louis Vuitton wallet in my hand.

I checked your ugly face on your company ID and 70,000 yen in the wallet. More than what I got from you, I had to laugh at how stupid you were. Maybe, you learned a lesson, and you’d better thank me before you blame me.

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The Twelve-hour Sleep

It is the escape from your reality,
It is the cure of your mind,
It is the reward addressed to you
Until the short hand of the clock makes a circle.

No need to drink, No need to eat,
No talk, No argument, Just-
Let your eyes closed,
Let your mouth breathe,
Let your heart beat,
Let your body live in the dream,
Let your idleness be the luxury
For the twelve hours.

Nothing more is necessary,
For after the twelve hours,
When your eyes are opened again,
It is going to be the time
To go back to your reality where
You are forced to
Face the hours,
Face the people,
For this is where you belong to.

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