I decided to start my own website here since I enjoy writing in general and it means a lot to me to do so in English as my voice can reach to the global audience and I love communicating with various kinds of people who have different nationalities, ethnicities, religious backgrounds and political views. I judge nobody and have a flexible mind and I appreciate if we could share different ideas and opinions on everything. That being said, this is the website that I write on whatever I feel like writing and whatever you want me to write. The themes are undecided and everything is completely open.

My name is Kiara Belle. I was brought up in Japan, graduated from a university in the United States and I currently reside in Germany. Although I am a Japanese-English translator and I have taught both languages and I am supposed to be able to handle them as if I were the native speaker, I have to admit that I still tend to make crazy odd mistakes in English at times, which can be disturbing to some readers. And, I hope this website helps me to improve my writing skill in English as well, and your feedback on anything are greatly appreciated.

I have no idea how this website turns out to be but as you can see, I am the Japanese girl with the quite unique background and I hope I can come up with the interesting pieces that I can entertain you.

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